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BouncingBall8 places a high priority on the security and confidentiality of customers’ data. Our privacy policy provides comprehensive insight into how we handle the data collected through the BouncingBall8 website. We strongly urge you to review this privacy policy in detail before engaging with the BB8 casino online website.

Highly innovative security from BouncingBall8 Casino keeps your data safe.

The goals and methods by which private information is processed when using Facebook Ireland Ltd. (“Facebook”) and our web application, (“BouncingBall8”). This is due to the fact that, irrespective of whether or not the visitor owns a profile on Facebook or not, BouncingBall8, the APP’s operator, grants Facebook permission to install cookie files on the computer or other device used by the person accessing BouncingBall8 (“visitor”).

Facebook adheres to all requirements under the GDPR with regard to the processing of insight data, such as those outlined in Articles 12 and 13 of the GDPR, Articles 15 to 22 of the GDPR, and Articles 32 to 34 of the GDPR. Facebook takes the main responsibility under the GDPR for the processing of insight data as a component of its shared obligation. Additionally, Facebook gives data subjects access to the essential portions of this Page Insights Addendum (the pertinent “Page Insights Controller Addendum” is available at

The following explains how Facebook and BouncingBall8 manage personal information when you visit the APP. We don’t have the ability to give any specific details on the reason behind and amount of Facebook’s processing of your data at this time, though, as BouncingBall8 usually, or to a great extent, has no influence over the data gathered by Facebook and its processing by Facebook. Nonetheless, we will keep an eye on any new developments in this area and, if needed, modify our privacy statement.

We would like to emphasize that you are using this APP and its features at your own risk. This is particularly relevant when using the interactive features, which include rating, sharing, and commenting.

The primary accountable person’s email address and website are:

  • Email address:;
  • The website address is

By using this link, you may get in touch with Facebook’s principal controller’s information security officer:


The visitor is always free to withdraw his permission for the processing of his personal information (see also the data subjects’ rights). The visitor has the option to object to the storage of their personal data at any time if they contact us via email. When asked, the APP will cease collecting data, and any user information that was already stored will be erased.

The gathering of data for the APP’s provision and its subsequent preservation in log files are vital to the APP’s functionality. It is therefore impossible for the guest to object.

You possess the following rights for the individuals in charge if your personal data is handled as a data subject:

  • The right to know what information BouncingBall8 or Facebook has about you and how it is being used to offer, adjust, and enhance Facebook products;
  • The right to request that your personal data be rectified, erased, or processed more slowly;
  • The right to protest processing that advances a public interest, BouncingBall8’s legitimate interests, or profiling, unless Facebook or BouncingBall8 can provide strong justifications that supersede your rights, freedoms, and interests, or the processing is necessary for the formation, pursuit, or defense of legal claims;
  • The right to complain to a regulatory body;
  • The right to data portability;
  • The right, at any time and going forward, to withdraw your consent to the gathering, use, and processing of your private information. 

You may contact Facebook and BouncingBall8 with your complaints if you would like to use your rights. You can utilize, for example, the above-listed communication channels for that reason. If you get in touch with us, we will pass your request, if it has to do with inquiries about how Insights data is processed, to Facebook. Facebook shall answer questions in compliance with our obligations under the Page Insights Supplement.

BouncingBall8 keeps up online profiles on social media platforms in order to interact with interested parties and people who are active there and to provide information about our news, events, and goods.

Facebook is in charge of the web server for technical reasons when you access our application (whether or not you are connected to your Facebook account). Your browser sends certain data to this server. Facebook also makes use of “cookies”. Small text files known as cookies are downloaded and stored by your browser in your end device’s memory. The objective of Facebook cookies is to allow us, BouncingBall8, as the APP operator, to access data that Facebook gathers from page visitors in order to better manage our marketing efforts.

With the use of Facebook’s APP Insights feature, which is a non-derogable component of the user connection, BouncingBall8, as the APP administrator, can acquire anonymized statistical data about users of our APP. Facebook uses cookies to get this information. A unique user code is contained in each cookie, which Facebook saves on the visitor’s terminal device. When the APP is launched, the user code is gathered and processed. This code may be connected to the login information of those users who have registered with Facebook.

The administrator of the fan page may specifically acquire statistical information from Facebook about its target audience—and therefore the processing of such data—such as patterns regarding age, gender, relationship status, and professional situation; details about the target audience’s lifestyle and interests; details about the financial transactions and online purchasing behavior of page visitors; the types of goods or services they are most interested in; and geographic data that helps the operator decide where to host events or run special promotions.

Facebook collects visitor statistics through cookies placed on visitors’ end devices. While the statistics are transmitted to BouncingBall8, the APP operator, only in anonymized form, the compilation process is predicated on the collection of visitor data earlier and its processing for statistical analysis. To learn more about APP Insights, follow next links:

  • ‍‍;

This also provides information about the Facebook groups that are connected to our app. Owing to Facebook’s continuous development, data availability and processing are subject to change. For further information, please refer to Facebook’s data protection information, which is included below under “PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA BY FACEBOOK” and in the preceding paragraph.

We utilize this data, which is accessible in aggregated form, to enhance the user appeal of our postings and APP activities. We utilize user-preferred visiting hours for time-optimized post scheduling, and age and gender demographics for customized addresses. We can modify the visual style of the postings based on information about the users’ end devices. We can identify followers and subscribers of the page and examine their profiles and other shared information from them, in compliance with the Facebook terms of use that each user has accepted when creating a Facebook profile.

Apart from the automatically gathered anonymized data, we also handle the data that you have willingly given to us while interacting with us or leaving comments on posts, for example.

Private data is erased or blocked as soon as its purpose of storage is no longer met. In addition, storage may still be required if it is specified by the European or national legislator in Union rules, legislation, or other conditions to which BouncingBall8 is bound. The information will also be blocked or destroyed once the storage time specified by the aforementioned standards ends, unless it is necessary to continue retaining the data for the conclusion or execution of a contract.

Clients may ask for their personal data and other information to be deleted from our systems at any time. APP users can accomplish this by accessing their Facebook profile and choosing the Remove button under Settings & Privacy > Settings > Apps and Websites > BouncingBall8.

We are unsure of Facebook’s exact practices regarding the use of user data from visits to applications for its own gain, the degree to which user activities are linked to specific users, the duration of Facebook’s data storage, and whether user data is shared with outside parties. Facebook has not made these details definitively clear. Nevertheless, we intend to monitor any new developments in this area and modify our data protection notice as needed. Based on information that Facebook has made publicly available about how its products use personal data, the data that follows is accurate.

According to Facebook, it uses visitor personal data for the following objectives:

  • Supplying, customizing, and enhancing Facebook goods;
  • Offering analytics, measurement, and other Facebook services;
  • Encouraging security, integrity, and privacy;
  • Interacting with Facebook users;
  • Innovation and research with a social focus.

Please refer to the Facebook Data Policy for further details on Facebook’s data processing intentions:

You can get more details on Facebook’s legitimate interests in processing sensitive data here:

Irrespective of whether you are signed into your Facebook account or not, when you access our APP, your internet browser sends certain data to the web server, which Facebook is technically in charge of. Facebook also makes use of “cookies”. Facebook utilizes cookies, among other things, to give statistics to BouncingBall8, the APP’s operator, so we can control how our actions are marketed.

The Facebook Cookie Policy has further details on how Facebook uses cookies:

a) What kinds of data does Facebook handle?

Facebook has to handle visitor data in order to deliver the Facebook Products. Facebook’s data gathering methods are contingent upon the manner in which users interact with its products. Facebook has the potential to handle the information below:

Items created and supplied by users as well as by others, such as data about the visitor’s usage of Facebook Products, data about purchases made on Facebook Products, or data about the users’ connections to individuals, pages, accounts, hashtags, and groups. The data collected by the device includes properties, identifiers, network and connection information, and cookie information.

Data from partners: By using Facebook business tools like Facebook Login, Facebook Pixel, and social plugins (like the “Like” button), publishers, app developers, and advertisers may submit information to Facebook. Facebook receives data from these partners on the visitors’ activity off Facebook.

Furthermore, Facebook employs cookies that are automatically installed on the user’s end device when using the application, even if the user is not enrolled in their Facebook account. Additionally, Facebook uses the data included in the cookies to process user information when they access Facebook services, as well as those offered by other businesses that utilize Facebook services and by other members of the Facebook group of companies. Also, in order to offer services to Facebook or the businesses that advertise on Facebook, other organizations, like Facebook partners and other third parties, may employ cookies on the Facebook Services. Please visit Facebook’s Cookie Policy at for further details regarding the company’s use of cookies.

Facebook receives the IP address that is linked to your terminal device whenever you open an APP. Facebook claims that after 90 days, this IP address will be anonymised and removed. Facebook may be able to assign IP addresses to specific users based on the information it keeps about their end devices (especially as it relates to the “login notification” feature).

To prevent this, check out of Facebook or turn off the “stay logged in” feature, clear the cookies that are on your device, and restart your browser. By doing this, Facebook data that can be used to personally identify you will be removed. You may now use our APP without disclosing your Facebook identity, thanks to this. A Facebook login screen will show up when you try to use any of the interactive elements on the website (Like, Comment, Share, Message, etc.). Facebook will once more be able to identify you as a specific user when you check in.

Visit the link to the Facebook help page for details on managing or removing information about you:

Please refer to Facebook’s Data Policy at for further details regarding the kinds of information the company handles.

b) How does Facebook share the information that it processes with third parties?

Facebook collaborates with outside partners who utilize Facebook business tools to help Facebook expand its operations or who assist Facebook in providing and improving its products. Facebook could divulge data to the following outside partners:

  • Associates who utilize Facebook’s analytics tools;
  • Researchers and scientists;
  • Promoters;
  • Manufacturers and service providers;
  • Partners who supply goods and services for Facebook products;
  • Measurement partners;
  • Law enforcement, enforcement agencies, or legal requests.

Please see Facebook’s Data Policy at for further details on the data that Facebook may share with its partners.

c) How is data processed and sent by Facebook as part of its international services?

Facebook exchanges information with partners and other individuals or groups that visitors interact with and share content with internationally, in addition to sharing information with other Facebook companies internally. In the process, data can potentially be processed and transmitted to the US or other third countries with inadequate data protection laws. Regarding this, Facebook makes use of standard data protection provisions that have been authorized by the European Commission or depends on adequacy rulings that the European Commission has made for certain nations.

Please visit to read Facebook’s Privacy Policy for further details on data transfers.

Facebook keeps user data until their account is terminated or until Facebook no longer needs it to deliver its services and products, whichever occurs first. The kind of data, the purpose for which it is being gathered and processed, and any pertinent operational or legal storage requirements all play a role in this decision, which must be made on a case-by-case basis.

Please refer to the Facebook Data Policy at for further details on data erasure and retention periods.

Further details on Facebook’s cookie storage duration are available in the Facebook Cookie Policy, which may be accessed at

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